Docker Swarm (standalone) release notes

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1.2.6 (2017-01-17)


  • Add options to refresh engine container cache on filters
  • Support name filter in volume list
  • Support more filters in network list operations
  • Support node whitelist filter
  • Switch from engine-api to docker/api/type and docker/clients
  • Pass size parameter through on container inspect


  • For container network disconnect requests, tryworker engine with the container first
  • Precompile filter regular expression to reduce PU usage
  • Remove setTCPUserTimeout to avoid TCP connection leak
  • Fix network endpoints for rescheduling
  • Give up leadership when manager shuts down

Cluster management

  • Remove dependency on IPv4 addresses
  • Support event top, resize, commit and so on to avoid unnecessary refreshing
  • Sequentialize event monitor to an engine to avoid data race
  • When an active engine sends EOF on event stream, restart event monitor so we don’t lose events
  • When proxying a request, cancel request if user connection is broken


  • Update go-zookeeper to fix a lock spin problem
  • Migrate documentation to
  • Update Swarm CI to use go 1.7.1
  • Support GOARCH to be able to build for other architectures
  • Send Swarm logs to stdout

1.2.5 (2016-08-18)


  • Fix container rescheduling with overlay network
  • Fix scheduler detail log improper effect when container name is empty
  • Check unique container name on create and rename for Mesos cluster

Health check

  • Refresh container status on health_status events


  • Fix using docker-machine --swarm feature

1.2.4 (2016-07-28)


  • New client interface in Swarm, to differentiate from Swarm mode in Docker 1.12
  • Underlying HTTP client for API is created inside Swarm
  • Update minimum Docker Engine version supported by Swarm to 1.8
  • Additional error handling
  • Code refactoring


  • Fix concurrent map writes race condition
  • Refresh single network when network event is emitted (performance improvement)
  • Avoid network refresh when creating container (performance improvement)


  • Refresh single volume when volume event is emitted (performance improvement)
  • Avoid volume refresh when creating container (performance improvement)


  • Support daemon events for Swarm


  • Fix leader election tests
  • Fix rescheduling test


  • Fix double locking issue


  • Handle systime difference between Swarm and Engines
  • Add healthcheck information to CLI
  • Fix engine_reconnect issue that led to reconnected engine being treated as new

1.2.3 (2016-05-25)


  • Update engine-api vendoring (supports new functions and signatures)
  • Fix registry auth bug for image pulls

1.2.2 (2016-05-05)

Cluster management

  • Fix deadlock that causes Swarm to hang

1.2.1 (2016-05-03)


  • Add containerslots filter to allow user to limit container number on a node


  • Use engine-api to handle large number of API calls
  • Update ContainerConfig to embed HostConfig and NetworkingConfig
  • stop/restart/kill a non-existent container should return 500 rather than 404
  • Return an error when assertion fails in hijack
  • Return an error when Image Pull fails
  • Fix image pull bug (wait until download finishes)
  • Fix and document some api response status codes
  • Add NodeID in docker info
  • Support docker ps --filter by volume


  • Move dependencies to vendor/
  • Update Image Pull to use docker/distribution package
  • Convert docs Dockerfiles to use docs/base:oss


  • Fix api/ps tests
  • Update api/stats test to prevent timeout on master branch
  • Use --cpu-shares instead of -c in integration test


  • Documentation clean up
  • Close http response body to avoid potential memory leak
  • Switch context.TODO() to context.Background() to enable context setting

1.2.0 (2016-04-13)


  • Move rescheduling out of experimental
  • Differentiate constraint errors from affinity errors
  • Printing unsatisfiable constraints for container scheduling failure
  • Enable rescheduling on master manager to prevent replica managers from rescheduling containers
  • Output error when starting a rescheduled container fails, and when removing container fails at node recovery
  • Validate cluster swarm.overcommit option


  • Introduce engine-api client to Swarm
  • Implement ‘info’ and ‘version’ with engine-api
  • Use apiClient for some volume, network, image operations
  • Print engine version in Info
  • Fix swarm api response status code
  • Support ps node filter
  • Fix HostConfig for /start endpoint
  • Print container ‘created’ state at ps
  • Update dockerclient to get labels on volumes, networks, images
  • Support private images, labels and other new flags in docker build
  • Select apiClient version according to node docker version

Node management

  • Prevent crash on channel double close
  • Manager retries EventMonitoring on failure.
  • Docker engine updates hostname/domainname
  • Force inspect for containers in Restarting state.
  • Increase max thread count to 50k to accommodate large cluster or heavy workload
  • Force to validate min and max refresh interval to be positive
  • Skip unstable tests from Docker bug 14203
  • Fix race condition between node removal from discovery and scheduler
  • Fix data race with node failureCount
  • Display warning message if an engine has labels with “node=xxx”


  • Remove parameter which is not used in createDiscovery
  • Fix Consul leader election failure on multi-server

Mesos integration

  • Support rescind offer in swarm
  • Update mesos tests


  • Update golang version to 1.5.4
  • Skip redundant endpoints in “network inspect”
  • Validate duration flags:--delay, --timeout, --replication-ttl
  • Fix image matching via id
  • Make port 0 invalid as listening port
  • Improve volume inspect test
  • Add read lock for eventsHandler when only it is necessary

1.1.3 (2016-03-03)

  • Fix missing HostConfig for rescheduled containers
  • Fix TCP connections leak
  • Support docker run --net <node>/<network> ...
  • Fix CORS issue in the API

1.1.2 (2016-02-18)

  • Fix regression with Docker Compose

1.1.1 (2016-02-17)

  • Performance improvements around networking with Docker engine 1.10
  • Fix reschedule issue regarding events
  • Implement engine refresh backoff strategy for failing nodes

1.1.0 (2016-02-04)


  • Add support for container rescheduling on node failure. (experimental)
  • Use failureCount as a secondary health indicator
  • Add swarm container create retry option
  • Fix the way soft affinities and handled


  • Support private registry on docker run
  • Expose error and last update time in docker info
  • Sort images by Created
  • Fix error when inspect on unhealthy node
  • Prevent panic in filters when container has no name
  • Add buildtime, kernelversion and experimental to API version
  • Support docker update and new networking related flags in run & network create/connect/disconnect/ls
  • Require --all on docker ps to display containers on unhealthy nodes
  • Retry on docker events EOF

Node management

  • Add a random delay to avoid synchronized registration at swarm join
  • Use engine connection error to fail engine fast
  • Introduce pending state

Mesos integration

  • Rename slave to agent
  • Upgrade tests to use mesos 0.25
  • Code refactors
  • Improve debug output
  • Enable checkpoint failover in FrameworkInfo
  • Fix timeout when pulling images
  • Add timeout to refuse offers
  • Fix double start issue


  • Fix license grant
  • Documentation update
  • Use discovery from docker/docker

1.0.1 (2015-12-09)


  • Set labels for pending containers to fix scheduler failure


  • Increase default TTL and heartbeat values to reduce traffic to discovery


  • Fix ‘ps -a’ panic issue
  • Fix network connect/disconnect for overlay network
  • Fix connection leak on TLS connections
  • Fix CLI hang on events command
  • Fix newline issue with events
  • Improve OPTIONS handler
  • Fix image digest
  • Fix memoryswappiness default value
  • Enable profiling for HTTP in debug mode

Node update

  • Provide options on swarm node update frequency

Mesos integration

  • Change offers timeout default to prevent other frameworks starvation
  • Improve error output for bad swarm mesos user
  • Fix connection failure when using Mesos with ZooKeeper


  • Update to Go 1.5.2
  • Documentation update

1.0 (2015-10-13)


  • Swarm is now pulling Images in parallel after the scheduling decision has been made, which mitigates the error happening occasionally with Docker pulls blocking the entire scheduler.

General stability

  • The Node refresh loop process has been improved and does not yield to a panic when removing an Engine and trying to refresh the state at the same time.
  • The refresh loop has been randomized to better handle huge scale scenarios (> 1000 nodes) where a refresh burst could occur and make the Manager unstable/fail.
  • General improvements and fixes for the Mesos experimental backend for swarm.

Integration with libnetwork / Support for overlay networking

  • It is now possible to use the new networking features with Swarm through the network sub-system. Commands like docker network create, docker network attach and docker network ls are now available through swarm.

Integration with Docker Volume Plugins

  • You can now use the docker volume plugin subsystem available with docker volume.

Leader election

  • You can now specify the --replication-ttl flag to control how long it takes for Replicas to be notified of the Primary failure and take over the lead.


  • This is now possible to use TLS with discovery for consul and etcd using the new --discovery-opt flag.

0.4 (2015-08-04)


  • Reschedule with soft affinity when image cannot be pulled


  • Replace the store pkg by libKV
  • Fixes about consul/etcd and zookeeper


  • Fix docker push name matching
  • Fix docker exec status code
  • Fix docker pull status code

Docker Engine compatibility

  • Improve docker info with docker client 1.7.x
  • Add SystemTime, http_proxy, https_proxy, and no_proxy to docker info

Mesos integration

  • Task creation timeout configurable
  • Fix issue with hostname in library image
  • Use ‘docker_port’ attribute if available
  • Add support for random ports


  • Add doc on leader election / high availability of swarm manager
  • Lots of typos/improvements to the doc
  • Switch to golang 1.4
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